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Whenever we were at one of the expos we would go talk to her. She helped me figure out if it was something I really wanted to do or not. Shes awesome! I can ask her for advice on just about anything and she helps me out.bbr br XLGirls What do you like to do most on a free night? br br bCharlotte Im all about going out for a beer or some drinks. Ill hit the clubs up every once in a while. But I dont object to chillin at the house either. Sometimes you just need to relax. bbr br XLGirls Has having big boobs speeded up your life? For example, waiting for service in a br bCharlotte Not service in a restaurant but it has gotten me some free stuff and out of a couple of speeding tickets! b Fuck Time For Roxee : XL Girls discovered Roxee Robinson but since shes Canadian, in order not to violate a United States law that was written ten years ago, our Miami studio cant film her. So XL Girls has flown Roxee several times to Europe where one of our satellite studios is based. Its more than a photo trip, its also a special experience for Roxee, one she says is very enjoyable. br br When Roxee started at XL Girls, she said, I had a wonderful time in Prague. The crew that I was with was amazing. They were so professional as well as warm and welcoming. Prague was incredible. My photographer took me on a drive to tour Prague and showed me all the incredible sights that tourists go to Prague to see. I also took a few walks to really take in the br It took a year for Roxee to decide whether she wanted to try hardcore fucking with porn pros. Roxee contacted XL Girls, and this time, she was ready to go. Off to Prague went Roxee and now its rack and roll time. br br When Steve sees Roxee heating up her pussy, all alone and in need of an orgasm or two or three, he is there for her sexual rescue. Hes seen foxy Roxee at XL Girls and hoped he would get the chance to bang her one day. Watching the sexy redhead, he sees her take a bottle of oil and rub the slick stuff on her giant breasts. br br Ill be fucking those oily tits soon, thought Steve. He comes over to Roxee from behind armed with a stiff cock and plays with her fat hangers. Roxee takes Steves chubby and sucks it and licks it with her long tongue as his fingers sink into her knockers. Its a feast of tits, throat and twat as Roxee is dicked-down good and hard by her first professional fuck-man. Picnic With Roxee : Spend some quality time with Roxee Robinson outdoors at a secluded poolside area. Beautiful redhead Roxee brings the wine, the fruit and her awesome rack. You bring br XLGirls Hi Roxee, this is your third trip to Prague. How was everything?br br bRoxee I had an amazing time. Although I didnt get to do any sightseeing in the city of Prague this time, I did get to enjoy the beautiful countryside. This shoot location was in a house in the country. It was the perfect setting for a beautiful outdoor shoot. It was an amazing view to wake up to. Even while getting my makeup on I had a beautiful view of Czech nature. The food was delicious and the crew I was working with spoiled me rotten with wonderful Czech cooking. I love trying different foods.b br br XLGirls Whats it like for you going through airports with a rack like yours?br br bRoxee When I flew home from Prague, I made sure to wear a sexy cleavage-revealing shirt and I got checked out constantly. Guys can hardly contain their reaction. Its adorable.bbr br XLGirls It wouldnt be a surprise if you told us the pilots invited you to sit with them in the Webb of Boobs : What are Alice Webbs sexual fantasies? Does she have any? br br I want to have sex in a hot air balloon traveling over the countryside. I dont know if Ill ever do that. There are probably regulations against it! br br Alice Webb is blessed with a beautiful face and enormous boobs that look like they are shaped by a master sculptor. Shes hit the gym to work her kinks br A set of jumping jacks is very beneficial...more for us than her. We also like the deep knee-bends so those magnificent hangers can dangle invitingly...and also so she can tone her legs, too. Squeezing and licking her tits and sucking on her nipples dont strengthen any particular muscles but sure they sure are great for our groin muscles. Then Alice finds an unusual training tool to exercise another part of her body. br br Bubblin The Day Away : Allie Pearson was not the bustiest girl in school, surprisingly enough. But wed bet that she was the prettiest. I didnt have really huge boobs until I was 21, said Allie. I played tennis in high school and I danced for about twelve br Allie loves football and her favorite team is the New England Patriots. I love Tom Brady. Id have sex with him in a heartbeat. Id do everything for him. Id wear something that shows off my chest. I would probably massage and kiss him everywhere. Id rub my breasts all over his body. Oral, definitely. Just anything hed want. br br Unfortunately for Brady, hes committed so he misses out on a super br I love to wear tight, low-cut dresses. I do dress to show off my boobs. Theyre my biggest assets and they minimize my other flaws. br br Flaws? What flaws? We just see perfection. Black BBW Daphne Rides Fat White Prick : Ebony plumper Daphne Daniels wants to lose some weight so that she can get some decent cock. There arent a lot of guys out there who are into a plus sized girl like her! She is working out at home when she gets approached by stud Christian XXX. He makes her feel great with his compliments, and soon he manages to get his cock in her mouth! If you are in to fat black babes then this horny chick will rock your world. Just look at the way she expertly bounces on the cock in reverse cowgirl! Canadian Cans : The old saying Smile and the world smiles with you, definitely applies to Smiley Emma. Her beaming smile and her Canadian cans make anyone smile and if they dont smile, theyre hopeless anyway. br br Emma has a fiance whos cool with her web-camming and modeling. We have a rule that every time my boobs are out, he has to rub his face in them, says Emma. Nice rule! Its mutually beneficial. If his cock is out, I have to put it in my mouth. This happens several times a day. br br Im genuinely nice, easy to talk to, and I am very silly, Emma said, describing her personality. I think my best features are my smile and my boobs. You dont know which one, boobs or smile, to look at first. Emma is from Canada. So is Roxee Robinson. Its about time Canada invaded XL Girls. We welcome these conquerors. A Private Date : Its date night and your companion is none other than supergirl Mya Blair. Mya has a lot to share. Wine, conversation, major boobage, a hot ass and a wet pussy. So who needs Netflix?br br Youd never know it by looking at Mya but shes a freaky-deaky br bMya I have been active in the fetish community, BDSM mostly, for two years.bbr br XL Girls What are you into?br br bMya Domsub relationships mostly. I do like a little bit of bondage. Im a switch myself, so I enjoy flogging and receiving flogging.bbr br XL Girls Flogging br bMya Little whips that are called floggers with multiple leather straps that you get hit with. Basically, its a beating on your back that can be hard or soft. I think it feels like a massage. I like it.bbr br XL Girls Do you have a high tolerance for pain?br br bMya Yes. Im a pain slut. I enjoy pain. It gets me a certain level. I dont want extreme pain. Im not into the blood stuff.bbr br XL Girls How far can a guy go?br br bMya I have come home from dungeon parties and had bruises on my ass for two or three days. Even a week. Those were from spankings.bbr br XL Girls Thats a hard spanking. br br bMya Yes, sometimes for as much as 15 minutes.bbr Training Kimber Woods to be the Best Little Anal Whore Ever : Kimber Woods is a thick ass brunette with a gorgeous face that makes all the dicks jump. But Tommy Pistol thinks she can do better, and Kimber begs her trainer for instruction to become the Best Little Anal Whore Ever.Kimber takes her lessons well. As reward, her round, fat ass is all tied up and fucked with plugs, gloves and Tommys hard dick - much to the little sluts delight. Enjoy Kimber Woods as she submits to Tommys will and gives up that ass like the Best Little Whore Ever. Flesh and Fantasy : Gia Johnson waits in bed. Blessed with an abundance of creamy breast flesh, Gia likes to play the teasing game. But to tease in a way that will give guys a happy ending. br br Gia has very sensitive nipples but they can handle being pulled. Gia lifts her breasts by the nipples and jiggles them. She licks them, her tongue making them pout from the stimulation. Her breathing is very heavy. She sighs and moans from breast and nipple pleasure. br br Gia slaps her boobs together loudly. There is nothing like the distinctive sound of slapping breasts. She gets so overheated, she needs her B.O.B. her battery operated boyfriend to cool down. What Gia wants, Gia gets. And what she wants now is to come quickly. We need more girls like Gia br Snow Princess : Monica Love stands outside in the freshly-fallen snow. Shes wearing a coat over her low-cut dress. Her big, gorgeous tits are popping out of it. Monica tweaks her nipples and pushes her pale boobs together. This lovely girl has killer breasts. She takes some snow off the branches of a bush and rubs it on her love pillows. Fantastic. Her nipples harden from the cold. br br After a while, its time to go inside and warm up. Monicas alone in the house so she gets cozy and masturbates with one of her favorite things. Monica is a nice, wholesome girl who loves to cum whether its with fingers, a toy, a wand or a guy. A gorgeous, cuddly girl like Monica is a perfect companion for chilly days and cold br J.G. tapped into Monicas gentle magic with this observation. Monicas face is beautiful and she has a lovely smile. She looks like the kind of girl who if you walked up to her and said hello, she wouldnt look at you like you were a piece of shit. Shed probably engage you in a nice conversation, and even if she did eventually blow you off, she would do so in such a way that would still make you walk away br Enjoy Monica now because shes the kind of sexy chubette some guy marries and pulls out of the modeling world for domesticity and family. Tit Chat : Since you already know all about Angel Sweets juicy and curvy body after seeing her video and pictorial, this short tit chat tells us what we suspected. Angel Sweets is a fun girl, very animated and friendly...someone you can share laughs, a few drinks and maybe get cozy with. Angel, who is from Manchester, England, tells us how she got here, what she likes to do in bed, her interest in BDSM and, naturally, she talks tits. Sexin Kandi Kobain : When Kandi Kobain walks, tit-men hone in on her. br br This upgraded P.O.V. scene shows why she gives plumper lovers a br When a girls boobs are as big as mine, she has to wear a bra, Kandi told us. If I am going out to a club and have a cute shirt that looks good without a bra, then I wont wear one. Otherwise I wear them pretty much every day. br br I need to have sex at least once a day...two or three times if the guy Im with has a lot of stamina. I never fucked a guy who didnt like fucking my tits. Sometimes they like to fuck my tits before we fuck. Sometimes they like to fuck my tits after we fuck. I like massaging a guys balls and squeezing all the cum out of them when he squirts. 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Theyre really br bAllie Thanks, but Im very particular, so I always feel ones bigger than the other.bbr br XLGirls Did you know thats a good thing?br br bAllie I didnt.bbr br XL Girls For many guys, its proof that theyre br bAllie Its all real here! Nothing done, nothing altered.b
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